Motorcycle Insurance Tips

Motorcycles are very popular among the youth as they offer a fun way to ride, are economical to maintain, and give a chance to experience freedom while driving. At the same time, they are more prone to accidents than cars. Hence it becomes important to buy motorcycle insurance. Before venturing out on the road, it is essential that you carry minimal cover, according to the government rules. With so many insurers offering different motorcycle insurance policies, you need to shop around to find a policy with the lowest premium. If you are in the process of buying motorcycle insurance here are some useful guidelines to buy the right policy.

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Benefits and Risks of Life Insurance Premium Finance

Life Insurance Premium finance is the safer way of purchasing life insurance, especially for high net worth individuals. It allows a company to borrow the cost of life insurance premiums. It usually occurs when the company has a very high premium that makes it necessary to borrow the amount in part or in whole to prevent reducing the company’s liquidity.

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Condo, Coop and HOA Master Insurance Premium

I’m sure that a lot of condo/coop & HOA board members have the following question: how come on my Automobile & HO-6 Insurance policies I pay the premiums directly to the insurance carrier, and I have the option of monthly installments, whereas on the condo/coop or HOA master insurance policy I have to pay the premiums to my agent or broker, and the premium has to be paid in full upon binding of the policy and if I can’t afford to pay it in full then we have to get premium financing? That’s a very good question, and it all comes down to 2 main ways that insurance premiums are being charged:

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